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Dato Sri Darren Yaw Shares Tips He Learned from GCG Asia

Dato Sri Darren Yaw Shares Tips He Learned from GCG Asia

Dato Sri Darren Yaw admires GCG Asia, the top-notch tech company. GCG Asia impressed Dato Sri Darren Yaw immensely, by being a strong organisation and with a healthy culture. Recently, Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia visit with the tech company inspired him to share this article. 

The GCG Asia founder reminded Dato Sri Darren Yaw of his early role models like Bill Gates who were determined to revolutionize the fields they are working within to assist humanity in solving problems no matter how big or small. These entrepreneurs were able to meet the consumers’ needs for connectivity and convenience. In this article, Dato Sri Darren Yaw shares his observations through learning from tech start-up GCG Asia. 

Young people nowadays have numerous free tools to assist them in becoming entrepreneurs but before they start building out their ideas and sinking money into those ideas, there are important points that should be taken into consideration before the start. Here are Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia top tips for future tech entrepreneurs to consider before taking the plunge. 

Here Are Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Top Tips

Writing down tips from Darren Yaw

1. Deeply understand your ultimate goal

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tips begins with this because to stress how important it is! GCG Asia founders understood this according to Dato Sri Darren Yaw. “Before starting as an entrepreneur, one should know what challenges currently exist that need to be solved, so you can plug a gap in the market or serve a public need. After deciding on your ultimate goal as a tech entrepreneur you will need to analyse the parameters of product or service. That means doing an environmental analysis of the economic, social, political, competition in the country of your start-up, analysing consumer behaviour, and growth ability. Before Darway Corp ventured into Singapore, I made sure I had a clear goal in mind. Before you start your business, you need to have a strategy or a business model that shows you the possibilities available to accomplish your targets. This arrangement is significant for getting financial backers or shareholders, just as estimating how fruitful your business is. Understanding your goal, as well as its challenges, will be a great first step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur,” said Dato Sri Darren Yaw.

2. Your target audience

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #2 is important. Remember that you cannot target the whole population. Especially as a start-up you need to be more mindful of which segment of the market you will be exactly targeting. The market segment refers to age, gender, income level, geographical location, race, and culture. Before starting your journey to success, identifying your target audience will help refine your process. After identifying the problem they want to solve entrepreneurs need to put themselves in the target audience’s shoes by empathizing with the people’s needs. If you have a clearly defined target market like GCG Asia, Dato Sri Darren Yaw believes everything will follow in step, from product development right on to sales and marketing. Darren Yaw’s Darway Corp team in Singapore and Malaysia are always focused on this before embarking on any new service. 

3. Team up and always network

Dato Darren Yaw with his team

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #3 is network and teamwork. The GCG Asia observation impressed on Dato Sri Darren Yaw that meeting others that may have the experience and knowledge you can use in your business is important. “There are many upsides to widening your network: you may discover possible shareholders or contacts who can support your venture once you start, sending new clients your way. The sort of group you ought to work with as an entrepreneur is one where you’re never the most brilliant individual in the room. This can sound contradictory to what many individuals expect when they start a new business venture. But since my wife Judie Yaw and I brought this advice to me to always surround myself with people who are smarter with skills that you lack, I have never looked back. You ought to consistently search out specialists to help you move your venture along to your goals,” said Dato Sri Darren Yaw on GCG Asia. 

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #3 reminds people that a team effort is what gets you to your goal. But at the end of the day culture of motivation, and pushing the team to unlock their potential teaches you to be a leader as well as building a healthy culture that pushes you to innovate and create.

4. Accepting failure

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #4 is a fact that failure is an unavoidable truth in life and trying to run away from failure will not help you grow and learn from your mistakes. “Looking back at my past as a young Darren Yaw, I did not expect to reach such heights. I certainly never expected to be any kind of success in Singapore. While many of today’s entrepreneurs have failed before, they never gave up. Bill Gates for example failed in the first company he started but persevered and became one of the richest men in modern history. That is why failure can be a blessing in disguise. When an entrepreneur fails, they come out of the other side gaining more knowledge and this is an opportunity to fix the mistakes made,” said Dato Sri Darren Yaw. Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #4 also stress the fact that your first failure will not be your last. But remember not to let it leave a permanent mark on you. Shake it off, examine the reason for failure and move on along your road to success.

5. Finding investors and selling your idea

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #5 is finding investors. It wouldn’t be a complete list of entrepreneurship tips unless we talk about funding. You need to succeed at convincing possible investors in your idea when pitching. That is why there’s a certain art to pitching ideas. A billion-dollar idea like how I put to become GCG Asia Dato Sri Darren Yaw would never see the light if not pitched in the proper form. As an entrepreneur, you need to be hungry enough to convince the investors that your idea is the best idea in the market and find out what makes your product unique by differentiating it from other competitors in the same field. This will help you to get investors to consider your idea. 

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #5 reminds entrepreneurs that reaching out to those investors is easily done if your team or network are connected. Thankfully nowadays the internet is offering a wide range of different tools that can be used for start-ups, such as Kickstarter which helps people fundraise capital.

6. Passion, Passion, Passion

Yaw foe Hoe teaches about passion

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #6 is about passion. “When I was starting out as a young entrepreneur in Malaysia, one of my very first inspirations came from my business professor, who stressed the term ‘passion’ when it comes to business. I was told that the fuel for keeping ongoing and persevering through all the hardships faced along the way came from the passion you have towards your creative ideas. If you take a deep look at every entrepreneur, you can see that they love what they do despite all their previous failures,” said Dato Sri Darren Yaw about GCG Asia. 

“As a young kid, I knew that one day I wanted to become a successful businessman. To get a successful foothold in Malaysia and Singapore, I had my passion for my work and my business to carry me through. I always had that passion. For you to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be equipped not only with the skills and knowledge, but also with the tenacity, confidence, and motivation to persevere in today’s world. In other words, passion,” Dato Sri Darren Yaw about GCG Asia. 

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #6 says that purpose fuels passion. If you manage to turn that passion into a profession then you have unlocked your recipe for success and happiness. Keep your eyes on the goal and never stop fighting for your dreams!

7. Competition isn’t bad

Darren yaw and chess board competition.

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #7 is to welcome competition. One might think that competition as being is the worst of enemies in business. GCG Asia welcomes competition, Dato Sri Darren Yaw said. “Competition can help you learn more about yourself,” said Dato Sri Darren Yaw about GCG Asia. Meaning, that it gives you a wider vision of the market you are both operating in while at the same time keeping a healthy competitive vibe spirit within you. In sport, having a rival can drive you forward. It’s the same in business. 

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Tip #7 says by observing your competition, you will be able to differentiate yourself from others and not be a copycat. Customers want a stand service or product and being differentiated will be your competitive advantage.

At the same time do not underestimate your competitor. Powerful competitors can be ruthless and resort to unethical means to crush you. But as a young start-up, your ability to react fast and nimbly is your advantage. 

“Some competitors, however, can be friendly and will be a useful sounding board to exchange experiences like the ones I saw at GCG Asia,” Dato Sri Darren Yaw said. But always remember to stay ethical and hold true to your principles. Never stoop too low and sabotage your integrity for a few bucks. Bad blood can go a long way and end up ruining you. Compete in a healthy way. 

Finally, entrepreneurs need to have a ton of steadiness and self-motivation. You can be a dreamer and fantasize about reaching the stars. But your feet should be firmly on the ground. Commitment is needed to achieve anything. You will face many days of frustrations, dull days even. But enjoy the grind! After all, nothing comes easy and in time, success will be yours. 

That is all from Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s GCG Asia Top Tips article. If you want more tips and insights like this visit the official website for the latest Dato Sri Darren Yaw news. 


Darren Yaw’s Phnom Penh Webinar: Business Students from the Cambodia Capital Get Tips & Insight


As part of his mission to share as much of his experiences and knowledge as possible, Darren Yaw kicked off his Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar, a series of online dialogues with young entrepreneurs in the Cambodian capital. Streaming from his home base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar engaged with more than 100 management and finance students in Phnom Penh.

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar focused on inspiring students to achieve their financial goals by building a positive mindset that revolves around the art of business investment. To keep things interesting, the Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar was enhanced with videos ala a Ted Talk style format, showing key points of his life experiences.

Darren Yaw Phnom Penh Webinar Highlights

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar began with stories of his childhood hustle, demonstrating his early interest in business. He shared an inspirational story of when he was only seven years old living at home in Malaysia with no air-conditioning. He used to spot people all around the neighbourhood trying to cool themselves off. He thought to himself maybe he could sell them soft drinks, so he went around to a few small gas stations around and asked the owners if he can help them deliver soft drinks around his neighbourhood. Soon Darren Yaw was delivering soft drinks on his bicycle to everyone in his neighbourhood. In time he started delivering other necessities as well, such as milk and bread. He said that’s when he first felt the thrill of running your own business. Ever since then he was hooked on generating his own income.

Skip to Darren Yaw in Singapore as an older aspiring entrepreneur, where he told the story of how he started up with no capital. All he had was his hunger to hustle and his courage to take risks and enter new ventures. He recalled that he had to work with people who didn’t necessarily share the same life principles or views, and worked on jobs and tasks that didn’t fit with his passion and dreams. But he learned to see these as stepping stones, not obstacles. “It’s not about doing what you love, it’s about doing whatever it takes until you reach a point where you can finally start doing what you love,” he said.

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar then shifted the student’s perspective into understanding how we all have problems but that shouldn’t be an obstacle. “Everyone has problems! You’ve had problems all your life. It’s about time you realise problems are never going to go away. It’s something to simply live with, and to not let it stop you from chasing your goals. The world doesn’t belong to the pessimist!” he exclaimed.
He also discussed how important networking and constantly learning new skills to level up is essential to his success. He mentioned some of his tips on how every individual can gain the right skills in order to start taking control of their financial future by creating different streams of income.

Darren Yaw’s Phnom Penh webinar also highlighted the best ways to get a headstart is to start investing as early as possible. Investing early is one of the main keys in all investments, with the ultimate goal of generating income without having to rely on employment.

How Darren Yaw’s Wife Judie Inspired Him to Greater Heights

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar then proceeded to show that his wife Judie has been a major inspiration. He informed the students of his favourite piece of advice of hers. She once told him: “Surround yourself with people better than you, hire associates whose behaviour, skill and attitude is better than yours and you’ll level up in that direction.” He claimed that this one advice from her was a turning point in his life.

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar continued with him explaining that once he started applying it, he noticed a major change in himself. When he started associating himself with people who inspired him to be better and do better, his mindset changed for the better and expanded to new horizons. This pushed him and his work and business to new heights. “Find someone like my wife Judie Yaw who will push you, inspire you and will back you up no matter what. I guarantee you, your life will dramatically improve.”

Darren Yaw Phnom Penh Webinar Q&A Session Highlights

Darren spoke about how he enjoyed spending his spare time reading books about investments, studying and comparing different strategies. “My favourite activity was to study other people’s failures. It helped me know what exactly to avoid!” he said. “Learning from other people’s mistakes is essential. People usually underestimate how much they can learn from others,” Darren added.

He also noted how from his experience of meeting a number of different individuals all around the world, the one aspect he noticed that separates successful people from unsuccessful ones is that the truly successful ones say no to almost everything! “That’s because they are focused on their own personal journey. They don’t welcome distractions. They critically analyse each opportunity before investing. Successful people take chances but only smart studied chances. They are driven by thoughts not their personal emotions or people’s opinions,” he concluded.

Darren Yaw Phnom Penh Webinar Gets Positive Response

Some of the students who attended Darren Yaw’s motivational speech shared with us their testimonies. Many of them said that they learned something valuable and the experience exceeded their expectations. They appreciated that someone as successful in business was willing to share their time and knowledge with them, and how it fuelled them to strive harder in their studies.

Lee Chai Wei, 4th year business administration student
“I felt truly inspired after listening to Darren Yaw. I’m beyond grateful for attending this speech, the Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar is not just a great investor, he’s a natural speaker! He had my full undivided attention from the beginning to the end. All the advice he shared with us is highly valuable. I personally enjoyed how he shared personal stories with all of us. Totally unfiltered! In my opinion it takes a lot of courage and confidence to share aspects of your personal life. I admire his achievements. This talk is definitely one of the most memorable events in my student life. My perspective of finance and investment is completely altered for the better!”

Kumari Raj, 2nd year business administration student
“I’m deeply touched by this good natured, bright man! What an inspiration. He amazed me with the vast amount of experience he has acquired so far. He is wise and humble, someone whom we can all look up to! I related a lot with his childhood story as I sold comic books when I was in elementary school, and I too felt the thrill of generating your own income at such a young age,
and just like Darren Yaw I was completely hooked! Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar series was an inspiration.”

Karthik Patel, 3rd year accounting student
“This Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar was by far my favourite motivational talk. It was so interesting to listen to, I enjoyed every minute of it! has a lot of insights and we can all learn from his experiences. When he said, “My favourite activity was to study other people’s failures, it helped me know what exactly to avoid”, I resonated a lot with this, as I’ve always been the kind of person who listens to other people’s experiences so I can learn the lesson behind it. His whole speech was a powerful message for aspiring young entrepreneurs!”

Adam Lee, 1st year finance student
“Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar was honest, motivating and entertaining. He was very engaging, sharing many brilliant stories. I personally was so amazed by his speaking skills! His stage presence is powerful and energetic. A common point made in all his stories was that resilience and consistency is the key to success. It was an honour to attend and to listen to, and to absorb all that knowledge he shared!

Muhamad Rosli, 4th year finance student
“Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar is one of the best access to an investor’s mindset. It was a great opportunity and pleasure to join this webinar! I want to tell all my friends and family members about all the great insight I got from it. Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar is a valuable experience. Darren is someone who wants to make a difference in this world. He is very kind to share his stories, his advice and his knowledge in this Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar. He was entertaining too, and I enjoyed every minute of his talk.”

Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar series to business and finance majors left a huge impact on all the students. Positive feedback from a number of the students showed that the students left the experience full of ambition to succeed in their studies and beyond. A number of them said they were also inspired to start investing.

Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar series plays an important role in a student’s future. Having real life examples and tips shared with them from successful investors can inspire and help them believe in themselves and give them the courage they need to dream further and expand their goals.

As someone who values giving back to the community around him and empowering the youth, Darren genuinely enjoys giving motivational speeches to youth. He says, “I love to share my personal experiences with youth through the Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar, as they are always so eager to learn! I hope I can motivate more youngsters out there to dare to believe in themselves, dream big and to continue to chase their dreams no matter what obstacles they encounter in life!”

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar is scheduled to continue with a second talk in September. Visit this website for more updates.


How Darren Yaw and his Wife Built an Orphanage in Cambodia With GCG Support

Darren Yaw and his wife’s beloved rural Cambodian orphanage

Although Kuala Lumpur is where I was born, where my childhood memories linger in every blade of grass, where my loved ones and I reside, where my favourite Wantan Mee restaurant is, Cambodia feels like home away from home for me. I absolutely love this country. I love the culture, the language, the food, and most of all I love the people. The people are beautiful and kind. They treat every individual as their own and that is amazing to see. That said, Judie and I frequently visited Cambodia–before the pandemic at least–be it for our anniversary celebration or for a holiday trip. One trip however, changed our perspective. That trip was the spark that fuelled our passion to do more for the children in Cambodia. I’ll let my wife Judie Yaw tell you more, because she tells it better than I can –Darren Yaw

How it All Started

The first time Darren and I first visited the province of Kampung Thom, Cambodia, several years ago, we were greeted very warmly. The community there was very receptive of our stay. The Cambodians there provided us with their local delicacies and offered us a place to stay at their most comfortable living quarters. Darren and I were very grateful towards the people living there. It was truly a great experience to be in their presence. We stayed there for about 3 days before we decided to take an adventurous trip exploring deeper into the village.
As we explored further into the province, we were struck to find that there lived a community of less than fortunate villagers. It was sad to see these villagers in such a state and in poor living conditions. Electricity barely reached some parts of the village, and the water didn’t seem clean. Darren and I were heartbroken to have witnessed this. The country that we loved so much had such a dark unraveling. It almost left me in tears. A little orphan boy came up to us asking us if we had small change to spare and I couldn’t take it anymore. For the rest of the trip I couldn’t shake off that feeling. Even after we left the village and went back into the city, I could still hear the boy’s cry from a distance.
At that moment, Darren and I swore to come back and help these people. We wanted to improve their living conditions. It lit a fire within us and each day that passed by where we were not in Cambodia, the fire grew stronger. Everyone who has worked or has met Darren, knows that he is a very dedicated man. But deep down, he is also very compassionate and selfless. He is devoted to helping the less fortunate in any way he can.

GCG’s YawR Home: The Planning

Two months later Darren and I were back in Cambodia, within the rural community of Kampung Thom, where we first saw these children. When we first started thinking about how we were going to help, Darren reached out to local contacts in Cambodia and quickly got a support team in place who were as eager as us to help. They came from diverse backgrounds in business, finance, construction, tech, some Cambodian, some foreign like us, but who had lived and worked in Cambodia for years and loved it as much as we did.
Together, we started actively plotting out what we needed to do. The goal was to build a better home for the orphans. But in order to do this, we realised that basic amenities such as a small community hall, and things like improving the roads, and access to electricity and drinking water would also be needed. There were many meetings and consultations with the village people. Our local Cambodian friends were instrumental in helping us communicate effectively. It needed to be a two-way process whereby it all started with what the villagers actually wanted instead of us outsiders imposing upon them what we thought was needed.
After initial planning, we needed to gather resources to begin building. We needed quite abit of funds, but thanks to our network, it didn’t take that long. Enter my close comrades at Greater Calm Group (GCG), our mental health network that we have been a part of for awhile. GCG can mobilise at the drop of a hat. I made one call to GCG Chief and my good friend Charlie Chew, and within a week, we had almost the full amount of what we needed. GCG really came through on the fund-raising. So much so that we decided to honour them by adding GCG to the name of the orphanage as official sponsors.

GCG’s Yawr Home: The Process

Construction was underway as soon as all the resources were available. It was difficult, but we managed to coordinate everything between where we lived in Kuala Lumpur and Cambodia. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without our strong local support team.
On Day 1 of construction of GCG’s YawR Home, we made sure we flew in to help. We had materials transported from the provinces nearby and the nearby townspeople volunteered to help with the construction. Our friends from GCG, and Charlie himself came along. We had gathered a small army consisting of friends, villagers and volunteers. I still remember that first day. I was nervous but excited.

Throughout the months-long process of building GCG YawR Home we got really close with the community. We flew back and forth between Kuala Lumpur and Cambodia, and stayed for about a week at a time. We tried to spend as much time as possible to oversee progress.
It was astounding to see such teamwork and the strong emotional connection that was being built together. We really bonded with the people in Cambodia. We would all gather around to eat lunch and dinner together. The children and young teens would teach Darren and me to play petanque, one of the popular sports brought in by the French when they colonised Cambodia. Darren would often play with the children in the afternoon when construction was slowing down for the day. We don’t have children of our own but seeing Darren with these children, happily laughing and playing together, I think I cried a little.

The children were playful and mischievous at times but were sweet at heart. I would occasionally bring them to the town area where I would buy them toys and little snacks to bring back to the village. They would show me around the area and bring me to their favourite hidden spots in the beautiful Cambodian hinterlands. In order to preserve it, I made sure to tell Darren to not disturb their favourite spots.
In about two months, we had completed half of the construction. Darren was very mindful to provide volunteers and the workers of this project with good food, even arranging pizza to be brought in from the nearby town for a small party for them to help increase spirits. Pizza in Cambodia is delicious!

GCG’s Yawr Home: Opening Doors.

After four months of hard work from everyone, GCG Yawr Home was finally opening their doors! We had a small launching party with all the villagers and townspeople. Pizza was not on the menu that night though. We wanted this to be a little more special.
We had a feast that was cooked from the new kitchen area of the orphanage. The hall we all gathered together to eat in was built right in the middle of the village as we wanted a strong sense of relationship building amongst the townspeople and the villagers. It was an unforgettable experience. The look on the children’s faces when we presented their new home was genuinely heartwarming. I cried as they embraced Darren and me. Even GCG’s Chief Charlie teared up. I couldn’t hold back my tears as they all cried in gratitude. Darren was no different, I could see him wiping his eyes. Everyone was crying. But at that moment, I could see it–I could see the disconnection in his eyes. He was unsatisfied with the work he gave, a little part of him wanted to give even more. He who had worked tirelessly was displeased with the work he had done for these people.
We stayed for a few more days to help accommodate the children into their new homes. They took to their new accommodation like ducks to water. There was still much to do in the area, like improving the roads even more, and hooking up better electricity generators to the the village for a more stable supply of electricity. We’re still working on that part, with the help of our local friends, of course.

This experience inspired us to want to do more in other parts of Cambodia. Darren and I talked about how there were still many areas in Cambodia with the same situation. Though it was hard to leave the village, it was also reassuring to know that we gave what we possibly could to these villagers. When we said our goodbyes, I couldn’t help myself from stealing one more hug from these children. As we left the village, I could still hear a distant cry from the children. But unlike before, these were cries of happiness. We can’t wait to visit again.
A heartfelt thanks for GCG’s unfailing support without which none of this would’ve been possible.

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Should You Start Trading Forex? Darren Yaw’s Forex Trading 101

Darren Yaw’s guide to Forex Trading.

Do you want to do forex trading for earning profit but don’t know much about it? Forex is a very high-risk investment, and so not many can succeed in the forex world. Darren Yaw and his wife dabble in forex trading and have had some success in it.

This article will give you a complete guide on getting started with forex from Darren Yaw himself and his wife!

What is the forex marketplace, and how does it work?

If you have been confused about the word forex so far, it is nothing but a derived word from foreign and exchange. Currencies are a standard in international business and so are exchanged in order to gain profit through foreign trade and business.

According to Darren Yaw, it is also a popular way of investing for private citizens. It is very similar to the stock market, but you exchange currencies instead of buying a slice of the company.

One thing that is really unique about forex trading is the fact that there is no central market. So, all the transactions are conducted via computer networks from all around the world. It is also open to traders 24 hours a day as it starts at 6 am Sydney time and ends on Friday at 5 pm New York Time.

A starter guide on how to trade forex by Darren Yaw.

Trading forex isn’t as easy as it sounds because one wrong move and there goes all your money. Let’s take a quick look at the starter guide to forex trading.

1. Choose a currency pair
Darren Yaw states that you’re always exchanging or trading the worth of 1 currency for one more in forex. What it means is you purchase one currency while selling another at an identical time. Meaning you’ll interchange pairs, e.g. RM/USD.

Typically, new traders begin by trading the major commonly offered pairs of major currencies – but there are no restrictions.

2. Analyse the market
Darren Yaw says that forex trading is pretty much like stock trading. You may have to research and do an intensive analysis of the market – two tactics that compose the inspiration of trading. Remember that operating on emotion will never end well.

He recommends avoiding feeling overwhelmed by all the various currencies – because there’s plenty, narrow your research on a selected currency pair, and gather valuable resources for the 2. Regularly examine current and historical forex trading charts, and monitor the news for economic announcements, further performing other technical and fundamental analyses.

3. Understand the quote
Since you may trade a pair of currencies, you’ll notice two prices for every currency. The difference between the primary and, therefore, the run of the mill is termed the spread. That difference is the amount that a dealer charges for creating the trade. However, spreads vary in line with dealers.

4. Choose your position – buy or sell?
It is very important to know about buying or selling positions. A buy position means you think that the worth of the bottom currency will rise compared to the quote currency. If you’re buying Malaysian Ringgit /Singapore dollar, you expect the Ringgit’s value to strengthen against the dollar.

A sell position means you think that the worth of the bottom currency will fall compared to the quote currency. If you’re selling Malaysia ringgit / Singapore dollar, you expect the Ringgit’s value will weaken against the dollar.

Let me give you an example:

A buying position
The current price for MYR/USD is 1.3555/560. you suspect that the Ringgit is bullish, so you enter a buy position for one lot or one unit of the MYR/USD. Your trade is priced at 1.3555. Later within the day, the MYR/USD is now at 1.3888/180. Your trade has gained 333 pips, and you decide to shut your position at the current sell price of 1.3888 and make a profit.

A selling position
Let’s say the Ringgit is bearish, and you choose to enter a sell position for one lot or one unit of MYR/USD. Because you’re selling, your trade is priced at 1.3555/560.
Later within the day, the EUR/USD is now at 1.3888/180. Your trade has lost 333 pips. You close up your position at this buy price of 1.3555 and accept your losses.

Ways to avoid losing money in forex
As many start forex without acquiring much knowledge about it, they usually end up losing a lot of money. Darren Yaw said that as there are traders of all levels in this platform, it is easy to lose money if not properly managed.

Here are some tips by Darren Yaw to avoid losing money when forex trading:

Get a reputable broker
The forex industry is known to have much less oversight than any other market. So, Darren Yaw recommends doing your homework and appearance for a reputable broker in order to avoid losing money in interchange.

A practice account is a must
A practice account is a must as it allows the trader to adapt to the techniques and will have less probability of losing money. He recommends using a practice account before you go through life and make sure to stay analysis techniques to a minimum so as for them to be effective.

Keep charts clean
It might be pretty tempting to use all the technical analysis tools offered by the forex trading platform when you first open an account. But it’s up to you to keep control and keep the analysis techniques to the very minimum in order for them to be effective.

Protect your trading account
Your focus might be totally on making money in forex trading, but it is essential to know how to avoid losing money. So, proper money management techniques are a must of this process, and so you should keep an eye out for that as well.

Forex trading can be pretty intimidating, especially if you don’t know much about it and so knowing the basics right is a must. Follow this starters guide by Darren Yaw so that you can trade forex and do it successfully.

Darren Yaw

From Dato Jimmy Choo to Mum Matilda: Darren Yaw’s Top 5 Business Role Models

Image Source:

Darren Yaw has had plenty of business role models he attributes to his success. As an entrepreneur, Darren has invested in businesses all around South East Asia—including Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Thailand. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy path to take. Just like any other businesses, there are still many challenges and risks involved. There are stakes, and failures that will inevitably come into play throughout their career. Entrepreneurship is a profession that requires a lot of tough decision-making as well as strategizing efficient business plans. 

But what happens when an entrepreneur finds himself or herself in a situation where certain decisions may be too big for him or her? Who does he or she look to for advice? Entrepreneurs are business persons by default, but they are still human beings who still face everyday problems you and I go through. In many cases, entrepreneurs have their own dedicated team of analysts. However, in some situations, entrepreneurs have to make hard decisions by themselves. That said, it isn’t uncommon for them to have role models of their own. These role models could be influential people, or influential stories, that help guide and inspire others to forge their path onto. Who is better to teach us of a certain situation than the people who have gone through it themselves? 

Darren Yaw credits most of his successful decision making towards the role models. Every business person should have their own business role model. This will indeed help inspire and guide start-up companies into a more fruitful pathway. Here is a list of his top business role models. 

1. Dato Jimmy Choo

Dato Jimmy Choo is no stranger to fashion lovers. To those who don’t know, this world renowned shoe designer was born from humble roots in Penang, Malaysia, to a cobbler, and when he was eleven, he created his first pair of shoes. In 1983, Dato Jimmy Choo earned his bachelor’s degree from the London College of Fashion (also known as London College of Fashion). When he was three years older, he opened his Hackney shoe store. Dato Jimmy Choo was still a small operation even after increasing in popularity, making only 20 handmade pairs of shoes each week. But Vogue accessories editor Tamara Yeardye Mellon realised there was a larger market for Dato Jimmy Choo’s shoes. She went to the shoemaker and approached him about starting a line of ready-to-wear footwear together. And the rest is history.
From then on, Dato Jimmy Choo shoes have become the most expensive and coveted footwear of the rich and famous. No matter who you are, whether you are a celebrity or a member of royalty, people from all walks of life want a pair of Jimmy Choos. Princess Diana was one of his loyal customers even after her death. There is no Malaysian competitor to Dato Jimmy Choo in the fashion world. In recognition, the British government awarded Dato Jimmy Choo Order of the British Empire (OBE) in recognition of his contributions to the fashion and shoe industries.
I admire his work ethic. He is famously hard working. He built his shoe empire from nothing. Dato Jimmy started small and slowly built his business. Like him, I also believe that you must be strong in your fundamentals. In one interview Dato Jimmy Choo said, “Everything comes from the basics. If your basics are good, when the difficult part comes, you can handle it yourself,” he said.
I also agree with Dato Jimmy’s emphasis on having a strong mindset. “Take care of yourself and your health. Be sincere, be nice to yourself, ”he has said. I firmly agree.

2. Warren Buffet

I often sought inspiration for my business enterprises by reading stories from Warren Buffett, the legendary investor, perhaps the most legendary investor of all time. Previously one of the world’s richest men, he fits into what people say he is. A business lover, a numbers guy. A man who, during his childhood, would always read annual reports and stock prices of companies through the newspapers. His first business venture started when he was a young boy. He would go around selling Coca-Cola, chewing gum, and weekly magazines door-to-door in his neighborhood. It’s no wonder where he is where he is today. The man has been dedicated towards the art of business ever since he read the book A Thousand Ways to Get $1000 by Frances Minaker from his local library when he was younger. Even at the age of 90, he still reads the newspapers every day. Five newspapers in fact, one of which the Omaha World Herald is owned by his company.

3. Lee Kuan Yew

The man behind Singapore’s rise towards growing into a first world country all in under one generation. As extraordinary as it sounds, I am still looking into Lee Kuan Yew’s life for personal and financial advice. The only political figure in my list, Lee Kuan Yew has served as Singapore’s founding father ever since gaining independence from the British in 1963 and again in 1965 when Singapore exited Malaysia. He only wanted what was best for his country and his people. And I can relate with his vision. I’d like to think of my company as how Lee Kuan Yew viewed Singapore–a small venture that has enormous potential. An opportunity to make a mark in history books. His autobiography is a very interesting read too, I would highly recommend it.

4. Tim Cook

The successor to the great visionary Steve Jobs, the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. Tim Cook has a distinct leadership style that I try to follow. Every morning he will send emails to his staff regarding the task of the week at 4:30am. He would also have Sunday-night calls with his team so that the work flow of the following week is discussed. It wasn’t an easy transition, taking the torch of one of the world’s most innovative icons at one of the world’s biggest companies. But Apple Inc. has been flourishing since Cook’s take over. He has implemented different styles into the business flow, catering towards a more environmentally sustainable system. I tend to follow his philanthropy as well.

5. Matilda Yaw

Without a doubt, the light at the end of a dark tunnel, the rainbow after every rainstorm, the cherry on top of my ice-cream sundae—my dearest mother, Matilda Yaw. I think she deserves a dato-ship for her contributions. If I could, I would give her a dato-ship myself. The woman who is responsible for my character, my thoughts and my sounding board. I talk to her when I am sad, when I am happy, and when I feel like the world is against me. My mother is there backing me up with every choice that I make. She never pressured me to do anything but she instilled in me a sense of being myself. She once told me: “You have to take pride in your work. Be the best Darren Yaw you can be. If you wash cars for a living, be the best car washer you can be. If you sweep roads, be the best road sweeper. Remember there’s only one Darren Yaw, so you be you.”
I save her number on my phone as “Big Boss”: the only boss I will listen to. She is the definition of courage and grace. She is intelligent and witty. She can host a meeting while still lecturing me about the importance of time. It’s annoying, but she is always right.
When my father passed away, it was very hard for me. I did not take it well because he was my hero. I did not just lose a father figure, I also lost a personal role model. But with every door closing, a new door opens up. My mother took charge and helped me cope with the loss. We suffered together. To her, she lost the love of her life. It was harder for her, and yet she was in complete composure. To this day, if my tight schedule allows, I always try to eat dinner with her whenever possible. We will go out together with my wife Judie to eat and talk for hours. I will occasionally call her for words of encouragement or when I need advice. She is my one and only Boss.

Final Thoughts

A role model is someone you look up to. Someone who inspires you when you are facing tough challenges. In the midst of hard situations I would find myself asking the question “What would Dato Jimmy do?” or “How will Lee Kuan Yew overcome this problem?” Sometimes, I think the best way for us to have a broader perspective of a subject is through the lens of someone else. Someone who has vast experience in the field and is able to critically think of the best outcome, but more importantly someone who has been through the problem himself or herself and knows what to do when facing tough circumstances. Finding a right role model is the first step into your business career or your personal life. What do you want to change about yourself? How much do you want to know about the business? These are initial questions that you should ask yourself before figuring out which role models are best suited for you. Role models can be found in any person you deem inspirational. It matters not how old they are or where they’re from, it matters if you believe that they are an inspiration to you.

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Introducing My Mentor Yaw Foo Hoe by Yaw Foo Hoe

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Throughout his career, Darren Yaw has been fortunate enough to have met and been supported by many people without whom becoming the success that he is today wouldn’t have been possible. One of Darren Yaw’s mentors is Yaw Foo Hoe, an entrepreneur as well, and now, a firm friend and inspiration. You may notice that Yaw Foo Hoe’s journey closely mimics Darren Yaw’s. Read more about this important person in Darren Yaw’s life.

Yaw Foo Hoe is a well established and esteemed entrepreneur.  In Malaysia and Singapore, his work speaks for itself. When Yaw Foo Hoe’s name is mentioned or comes to mind most people will quickly think or talk about his success in the business world with his automotive factory. However much about his personal life is not revealed or known to the public. Here are some facts about him. 


When he was younger, and before his business career took off, Yaw Foo Hoe would read many books on how to achieve this kind of success. He would visit the library of Malaysia and that is how he met his wife Swee Khim. She has been a great inspiration to both his growth and the growth of his business. She also recommended one of his favourite books that has been his pillar and anchor during his business journey.


We all know everyone needs capital to launch their business. In some cases some are lucky enough to have investors or come from rich families that are able to catalyse the process of their entrepreneurship. Yaw Foo Hoe always knew he wanted to become an esteemed entrepreneur however, he did not have the funds to kickstart his dreams. He waited tables in different restaurants in his last year of college as he saved up to launch his business. 


Yaw Foo Hoe is a family oriented business man and has his family at his top priority list. On weekends and public holidays, his wife Swee Khim has mentioned in a couple of interviews that he wakes her up to breakfast in bed and foot rubs. 

“He just has a tough exterior look on the outside,” she said, “But on the inside he is like a big cuddly teddy bear that is sweet and truly caring. I am one lucky woman.”


Yaw Foo Hoe met his wife Swee Khim on his journey to attaining success. At that time he did not have much but saved the little he had to buy Judie a simple ring as a sign of his commitment to her. The now esteemed couple was engaged for five years as he went ahead to save and establish his business. 

“I must say I am blessed to have met such a beautiful, kind but yet most importantly patient woman such as my wife Judie. There were so many times I was worried that I would lose her to a billionaire because of how beautiful and smart she was. Also because I kept her waiting. She has been a true rock and pillar of strength in my life. She stuck by my side, silenced my doubts and believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. I knew she was the one and that motivated me to work even harder and lock down our commitment.” 

The couple got married after Yaw Foo Hoe made his first million and had the wedding of their dreams. He later upgraded his wife Swee Khim’s wedding ring into a six carat white gold diamond.


Before Yaw Foo Hoe met his wife, he hit rock bottom right after college. During his school years, he was already living from hand to mouth and that was his motivation to do better. Yet after college things only became harder. He would borrow rent money and when he could not pay it back anymore, he began to sleep in friend’s houses. He also slept in a mall for one week until a restaurant owner discovered him and offered him a job at one of his restaurants. Looking at how far he has come and the great success he has achieved, there is indeed light at the end of every tunnel.


Yaw Foo Hoe is a very wealthy person and lives in a large mansion. With a home like that, one would think that an army of dogs would be guarding the place but that is not the case. In a recent interview, Yaw Foo Hoe revealed that he was allergic to dogs and cats. Another interesting fact is that he was bitten by a dog as a child and has a great phobia for dogs. He however has horses that he keeps in his stable, birds and a tonne of aquariums that surround his beautiful home.


Believe it or not, Yaw Foo Hoe is young at heart and enjoys a great party. Having a large sum of money would mean hiring the best event planners and letting them take charge but not in Yaw Foo Hoe’s case. He is passionate about event planning and many of his parties are planned in detail specifically by him. He puts a lot of effort and thought into what his guests would like and loves them to feel welcomed to his events.

decorative display with a notebook saying work hard stay humble



Darren Yaw’s mentor came from humble beginnings and suddenly came into a lot of wealth but he does not live extravagantly. Yaw Foo Hoe does not believe that you have to spend excessive money especially on designer items or go to the most expensive restaurants and hotels in order to showcase your wealth. He and his wife Swee Khim, have managed to stay down to earth and humble. When asked his favourite clothing store, Foo Hoe said that he enjoyed the good old thrift store! In simple terms he and his wife are but the flashy type and like to live a low key kind of lifestyle. 


Did you know some of the great business people like Darren Yaw and organisations that have succeeded in this day and age were boosted by Yaw Foo Hoe? You have to remember that he has been in the business industry for a long time and has experience. On his business journey, he has been able to mentor upcoming entrepreneurs like Darren Yaw before to what they are today and has played a great role in certain organisations through his investments.  Even though he does not mention it, Yaw Foo Hoe and his organisations in both Malaysia have been a great driver and played major roles in the growth of some of the biggest and successful organisations today. 


Being successful doesn’t necessarily mean neglecting yourself in terms of spending quality time alone. In fact it means quite the opposite. An individual has to create time so as to not lose touch with themselves and promote a healthy state of mind. Yaw Foo Hoe wakes up early in the morning for a jog or walk.  “Your mind is fresh in the morning. Doing a bit of exercise puts your mind to work and creates a flow of ideas. Some of my greatest inventions have been triggered by an item or writing in a building I saw while I was jogging. Besides that, I am also able to maintain good health and start my morning with a bang. One of the most important lessons I have learnt in life is that how you start your day, sets the tone for the rest of the day,” he says. 

“It does not matter how busy we are during the day. We have made it a priority to bond during our walk besides dinner. This way, there is a balance between both our work and family life. Marriage takes hard work too, so as long as you find someone who understands that, then neither party will feel neglected and instead the connection will only grow stronger,” said Swee Khim said during an interview. 


Now if you thought Yaw Foo Hoe being a thrifter was shocking then you’re in for a rude awakening. Whenever there are new modes of transport introduced, he loves to hop on the newest train or bus. One would ask why considering he has enough money to buy his own bus but looking at it from a business angle he is always looking for ways to make better developments. Besides that, he enjoys interacting with people on the train and the trips he takes remind him of his humble beginnings which keep him grounded. 


Although Yaw Foo Hoe’s mansion occupies a large swimming pool often used by the rest of his family,  he cannot swim. Coming from a humble background, Yaw Foo Hoe never really had the opportunity or perks to such amenities and till this day he has never learnt. He however swore to give his children the best to make up for what he missed out on. 

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How I Made My First Million: Darren Yaw Releases New E-book

decorative plaque that says MONEY


As one of the most established business moguls in Malaysia, Darren Yaw’s success of the Darway Corporation paved the way for its launch in both Singapore and Cambodia. Despite making his first million, there are other things that come with success. Darren Yaw’s new release is an e-book that gives advice on how to navigate these issues. How I Made My First Million by Darren Yaw was released to some acclaim by business insiders and friends. Below is an excerpt of the book to give you a little taste of Darren Yaw’s release. In the book, Darren Yaw releases a lot of personal details about his life, how he met his wife Judie, and the impact she had on his future success. Also in the book, Darren Yaw releases advice on how to navigate the pitfalls of success, like how to avoid pride and hubris. The book also details a section on helpful tips for how to relieve stress and anxiety in chapters called “Darren Yaw’s Stress Release Methods” that he hopes will be useful for busy entrepreneurs. Before the release, Darren Yaw said he was working hard on making sure the book was relevant and yet personal. Here on the Darren Yaw official website, he unveils a sneak peak of the new release entitled How I Made My First Million. Read on!

“It can be easy to get carried away once you make your first million. I remember the first time I first discovered I made that kind of money. I was in disbelief just because of all the struggle I had been through. When you first decide to launch a business idea, the risk factor is extremely high. Why? This is because you have no idea as to whether your business will be successful or not and even though you may have studied the market in detail or have enough capital to proceed, the changing times of today cannot guarantee otherwise.

We live in a digital age where times are evolving every second of every minute. Therefore, being business oriented means keeping up with the latest news of the modern world. My team at Darway Corp always keeps me abreast with the latest news regarding my other businesses.

Being successful has its own perks and hardships and that is why I like to call it a secret society. When I first began the Darway Corporation in Malaysia, I would read a lot of books based on success and follow up on other business moguls to get motivated in order to reach their levels of success. From an outsider looking in at the time, my current success story was nothing but a dream. I observed rich and successful people thinking they had it easier. Little did I know that acquiring a certain kind of wealth and success only calls for more responsibility. When the Darway Corporation Malaysia hit its target of one million, I must say I was proud. Here I was, new to the business world and yet I had just hit my target quicker than I had expected to.

My wife Judie Yaw and I always believed that my corporation would be successful and getting that money was confirmation that we could do better. We had always dreamed of “Darren Yaw: Success Story”. However, one thing you have to realise about success is that not everyone will be in your corner and be happy for you. The minute you begin to make a certain kind of income, you welcome all kinds of people into your life.

So making my first million was a happiness I had never known until I now encountered the troubles that came with climbing up the ladder of success. Many people wanted to get close to me including family and friends just for their own benefit. I recall scenarios when people I considered close friends would start up rumours and do anything to tarnish and jeopardize my brand and who I am as a person. There were many people who said or did things just to be associated with Darren Yaw, successful millionaire. But did they actually care about Darren Yaw, the real person behind the money?

Judie and I were in shock because here we were celebrating a large milestone in our lives and just a few weeks later, all this trouble came right after. What am I trying to say? That as much as I was happy about making my first million from Darway Corporation Malaysia, I underestimated what would come after. When creating our goals and establishing new businesses, many of us are always focused on the positive and enjoying the fruits of our labour. When I would read or watch interviews of successful entrepreneurs, rarely did anyone ever mention that it would get lonely at the top.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because as you grow and your business grows, you tend to remove your rose coloured glasses and see people for who they truly are. I like to call the successful world a secret society because only the rich and successful people know what they go through despite having all that money yet from an outside perspective, one can only see the luxurious perks and hope to be a part of that world.”


an oscar wilde quote typewritten saying be yourself, everyone else is already taken


“Darway Corporation in Malaysia literally paved the way to success in the corporations and business connections I as Darren Yaw made in both Singapore and Cambodia. Making your first million can be a sense of great achievement because not many businesses or corporations succeed in doing this. Let’s be real, one million is quite a lot of money especially in the Malaysian currency and also if you are a Malaysian citizen who has never laid their hands on
such a great amount of money. You tend to appreciate your hard earned money more because only you know the amount of hard work that has gone into building a strong foundation that catalyses the success of your business. If one comes from a humble background, it is also easy for them to get carried away by pride once they start making a certain amount of money.

As much as my wife Judie Yaw and I were proud of the success of our corporation in Malaysia, we knew that we wanted to grow our wealth and that is how the Darway Corporation in Singapore and Cambodia came about. If I let my pride get the best of me, I would never have reached the level of success I have attained now let alone build so many great business connections and allies. It is very important to note that your first million only seems much because it is your first.

What am I trying to say? It can be very fleeting. If one allows pride to rear its head, it is easy for you to spend your first money on useless things thinking that it is a lump sum, and it will not come to an end when the reality is, it can go down the drain in a matter of seconds. I have had young people who come to me because they see me as Darren Yaw, mentor. I’ve seen that once they touch that kind of money, they tend to now focus on the worldly things such as partying, travelling and living a lavish lifestyle, one they cannot continue to sustain.


“Many ask me, “Darren, how do you remain proud of yourself and still be level headed and humble?” The key is by focusing on your goals and using your first million to catapult new and innovative ideas that can multiply your newfound wealth. Think about it, what is the point of spending all the money you first acquire on a lavish lifestyle if you cannot keep funding the lifestyle once your money goes down the drain? It is easy to get carried away but sacrifice is key.

When it comes to success, are you looking at the short term or long term benefits? Would you like to enjoy your first profits and go back to the struggle all over again or make a sacrifice to grow your business and reap the benefits later? I kept a list of goals on a list and I called it “Darren Yaw’s Life Goals” which helped keep my pride in check. We have to remember that even if we do decide to spend our first huge earnings from our business and backtrack by starting anew to make the same money, chances of making that kind of money again will not be guaranteed and may be harder.

Why? It gets harder because even though you may have studied the market already and are familiar with what your consumers want, the age we live in is a digital wave that moves and evolves at a very fast pace therefore making it easier to use your first million as a catalyst to better opportunities than spending it on a lifestyle you have craved your entire life that will only be short lived. I also had dreams of doing things I had never done before and buying items I had never owned but luckily my wife Judie, was my anchor in staying level headed.”

We hope you enjoyed reading an excerpt of Darren Yaw’s newly released e-book. Darren Yaw’s new release is called How I Made My First Million. Look out for Darren Yaw’s release on bookshelves soon at bookstores near you. Keep coming back to the website to stay tuned for more latest news on Darren Yaw future releases.

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Meet The Entrepreneur: An Interview with Dato Sri Dr John Lee by Darrew Yaw

dato sri dr john lee poses against a wall


Darren Yaw recently sat down with the leading tech investor and entrepreneur, Dato Sri Dr John Lee , who owns one of the top IT companies in Singapore. Together with Dato Sri Dr John Lee , he talks about his firm, his entrepreneurial journey and the lessons learned along the journey.

Darren Yaw: What was your career path to becoming an entrepreneur and tech startup investor?

Dato Sri Dr John Lee: I majored in Mechanical Engineering in my Bachelor’s Degree and then chose Computer Science for my Master’s Degree, because of the endless possibilities in creating digital products. But then I discovered that I’m more of a business-minded person than an analytical kinda-person. So I started my career by joining one of the top management consulting firms, where I had a thriving consulting career as a senior executive. Then, I jumped the wagon by becoming the founder and CEO of Security Software Company, which led to becoming a tech investor in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and a few deals from startup ecosystems around South East Asia.

Communicating is key in every organization, in every meeting, in everyday life. Without proper communication, things can spiral downhill in an instant. All because there was no communication. Communication is a necessary skill. A skill that allows one party to express or give proper instructions to another party coherently. I take great effort to communicate with my team. Every Monday morning, like how most schools do, we will gather and have a meeting discussing the week’s tasks. Effective communication goes both ways, it’s not just speaking but listening too. My multilingual abilities (I can speak Chinese–where I first learned it in Singapore from my cousins, Malay—speaking to my friends in Malaysia, English—where I speak with my wife Judie. I am also learning Khmer—the Cambodian language to help me communicate with my business associates there.


Darren Yaw: How do you keep up with the trends?

Dato Sri Dr John Lee: As for trends, I believe in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence along with security because I saw how this tech could transform the human world experience. There’s just so much to be done in the current tech innovation industries. So I keep in touch with industry thought leaders and discover new innovations from research institutions. As a previous management and strategy consultant at Accenture, I leveraged both business and technology innovation to solve complex high-value challenges.


Darren Yaw: What are the areas of your investments?

Dato Sri Dr John Lee: After selling my company, I invested in diverse tech startups. You have to be patient and observant. But let me tell you something, if you don’t understand a sector, don’t invest. It’s my investment secret.

I invest only in the industry sectors I have a deep understanding and knowledge about. I don’t gamble with these investments. As there are so many investment sectors, I decided to pick a few, go deep into them, and choose IoT, AI, Robotics, and AR.


Darren Yaw: What happens if you find something exciting from a different area? Will you try to ignore it?

Dato Sri Dr John Lee: Not at all. If something else comes and it looks good, I’ll pick it up. For example, let’s look at drones. They have so many use cases in agricultural technology. In Ukraine, several agriculture technology companies approached me for some advice. Drones can be potentially applied in many industry sectors and can actually save lives in hazardous locations, so the drone industry is particularly interesting for me because it can make a positive impact.


Darren Yaw: Where do you search for the startups?

Dato Sri Dr John Lee : I get many deals through my friend’s network, from professional angel syndicate and informal angel networks. When I speak to different startup events, many people approach me by sending investor pitch decks. I receive pitch decks through LinkedIn as well. 


Darren Yaw: What makes a good investment project that is attractive for investors?

Dato Sri Dr John Lee : First of all, there has to be an intelligently talented founder and a great team solving issues in a large market with unique selling propositions. Startups with innovative solutions focusing on a total addressable market (TAM) and the ability to scale are attractive to me. 


Dato Sri Dr John Lee : How should a startup present itself to investors to draw their attention?

When I want to get more information about a startup, I send them a template for an investor pitch deck. When they send it back to me, I review the information. Typically, I won’t look at the project unless there’s a functioning minimum viable product with some traction.

I also observe the emails sent from startups and the way they approached me, by which I can tell whether they are bright and talented or not. If I don’t like the first email I received, I won’t take things to the next level most of the time.


Dato Sri Dr John Lee : In your opinion, what are the barriers that keep people away from starting an entrepreneurial career?

It could be many things such as lack of confidence, fear of trying, lack of technical skills or loss of control. Entrepreneurism is not an easy path. People shouldn’t enter it if they are not ready. Be prepared to struggle, face tough lessons and long periods of failure. A successful entrepreneur is known for their ability to keep going despite repeated failures and rejection. If you don’t think you can handle it, you might want to reconsider starting this journey.


Darren Yaw: Besides providing capital, what additional support do you offer as an Angel investor?

Dato Sri Dr John Lee : Thankfully, I have a lot of experiences. So, I like to help when I can; I assist company founders in whatever advice they need. I am aware that entrepreneurs are constantly getting advice, but a lot of it is based on insufficient information. So, it’s important to me that I share knowledge with other entrepreneurs. 


Darren Yaw: What advice would you give to the new entrepreneurs?

Dato Sri Dr John Lee : 

  1. Save your money. Get into the habit of savings, lower your consumption habit and invest in resources you will need in the future.
  2. Build your skills. Do an honest assessment of your skills and learn the ones you don’t have, such as negotiation skills or business skills.
  3. Build your network. It’s essential to connect with people, especially industry leaders. Don’t be scared. Be bold and reach out.
  4. Don’t be quick. If you have an idea, take your time to build and invest. 
  5. Study others. You can learn from their successes and failures. 
  6. If you fail, keep trying.
  7. Don’t burn bridges. There will be many people who try to scam you. Avoid making enemies out of them.
  8. Be humble but think big and win.
  9. Take responsibility for your actions. Even if you fail, admit that you fail. That way you can learn. 
  10. Start now. Don’t wait. Many people talk about doing things in the future, and years pass on, they haven’t started on anything. If you want to be an investor and entrepreneur, start now. The sooner you do, the faster you achieve your dreams.

There you have the exclusive interview with a towering figure in the investment and tech start-up world, Dato Sri Dr John Lee. 



Darren Yaw’s Top 10 Leadership Qualities You Need for Success -

Darren Yaw’s Top 10 Leadership Qualities You Need for Success

“Leaders are not born, they are made, and although anyone can start a business, only a few can succeed. From his years of experience, Darren Yaw has learnt that it takes having an acute sense of direction to be a great leader. Empires thrive with a dedicated and visionary leader. History has taught us time and time again that leaders are essential in all operations. Even in the animal kingdom, wild wolves have their pack leaders, the alpha males. The alpha male does not only lead the pack but takes care of the females and pups. Darren Yaw is that great leader. Here are his picks for 10 leadership qualities that he believes any entrepreneur or aspiring empire-builder should develop.”


All leaders should be a motivational figure to their followers. This leads to a healthy organizational culture. To inspire employees to press on the accelerator or to brighten up lost spirits in the midst of a difficult defeat or setbacks that will inevitably arise. I believe in inspiring others. My passion for my work brings my employees along with me. It’s not just being about being a good public speaker. Early in my career in Singapore, I improved my language skills so I can motivate all my employees through their own mother tongue. This leads me to the next leadership quality I think is essential….


Communicating is key in every organization, in every meeting, in everyday life. Without proper communication, things can spiral downhill in an instant. All because there was no communication. Communication is a necessary skill. A skill that allows one party to express or give proper instructions to another party coherently. I take great effort to communicate with my team. Every Monday morning, like how most schools do, we will gather and have a meeting discussing the week’s tasks. Effective communication goes both ways, it’s not just speaking but listening too. My multilingual abilities (I can speak Chinese–where I first learned it in Singapore from my cousins, Malay—speaking to my friends in Malaysia, English—where I speak with my wife Judie. I am also learning Khmer—the Cambodian language to help me communicate with my business associates there.


Not everyone is blessed enough to be born with a high IQ. I believe that intelligence does not determine your fate. Being able to examine a problem and work out the solution is more important. Leaders should be analytically ready to weigh in the pros and cons of a subject so they can make effective decisions. When my father passed away, it was a very difficult time for me. He had a very special bond with me and I took it pretty hard. But it taught me early on to be mentally tough and resilient in the face of deep setbacks. Later I made it my mission to always be mentally prepared for the worst outcomes while still being able to stay positive.


Most managers are able to prioritize objectives. It is a common skill set that every manager must possess. To properly delegate tasks with the purpose of efficiently working under managed timelines is extremely important to me. I used to micromanage my team and my subordinates which led to poor productivity and morale. Now I delegate tasks to maximize the potential of every member of the team. My team works more effectively if I just empower them to do the work I hired them to do under the objectives I set. If tasks are not delegated properly and objectives are scattered, an organization will crumble from within. Time will show that working towards a specific objective will not only smoothen out work flows but as well as give time for feedback for further improvement.


As human beings we are social creatures. We need to connect to other humans to either be heard or to be understood. Leaders must be compassionate. On a daily basis, everyone has their own struggles, fighting their own private battles that you may know nothing about. In the workplace people tend to hide their struggles and personal problems. Good leaders should recognise that their colleagues and teammates are only human. My staff are my swords and shields against the ever challenging battlefield of business. I need my army to be at their best which means I should be sensitive and aware of their struggles and try to provide the support they need.


A leader should be able to have a clear and precise vision of the goal he or she wants to achieve. In a film set, a director, who is the leader in the production shoot, is the individual who sets the focus and vision of the shoot. He or she is the person who will be calling the shots, who decides which colour is suitable, or if a frame is good enough to continue. The production crew will look to a director for decisions. I think of myself as the director in the film of my own life. Before I set out to embark on a new project, I always make sure I spend a lot of time figuring out what I want out of it, so I can effectively communicate the vision and goals for it to members of my staff. A clear vision and concrete goals for any business starts at the top.


A leader should be well-informed and in the know about everything related to your business or company. He or she should know all the ins and outs of your business as well as anything related to your industry. You don’t need to know all the details of what your employees do on a daily basis because that would be micromanaging. But being well-informed means that you are aware of larger trends happening in the world and how it can or will affect your business. This is crucial to stay relevant with the times and ever-changing and evolving business landscape.


Being a leader means being able to take full responsibility when things go south. Although some might think that this means being a scapegoat, it isn’t. As a leader you are accountable for any actions taken by your employees. If a company succeeds, the CEO is thanked, but if the company fails, the CEO should also be the one in front of the firing squad. I’ve seen many leaders who are willing to throw their staff under the bus because they are too cowardly to step up. If your staff and team see you willing to take ultimate responsibility this will inspire loyalty among them too.


Every leader should have a high amount of self-confidence. This will help motivate their employees to be confident as well. I like to cultivate confidence in my team. I look for people who have the confidence to speak up and challenge me and my thinking. Likewise, I expect them to be tough enough to take my criticism and to meet the challenges at work head on and not hide their heads in the sand. Developing confidence in yourself and the people around you is vital for surviving the tough world out there.


In a world where cynicism is rampant, it is hard to find empathetic souls. Times are hard, and the world may feel like it’s crumbling to the ground. In the face of hard situations and circumstances, it can be hard for people to be positive and to not let anger or resentment colour their interactions or affect their workplace performance. An empathetic leader should be able to understand and give fair judgment. Especially when it comes to the mental or social condition of his or her employees. To be empathetic is to be able to put yourself into another’s shoes, as the saying goes. At Darway Corp, I try to practice this every day. If an employee is not performing at their best, I will do my best to find out why and to support them the best I can. Darway Corp tries to emulate best practices in cultivating a wholesome and supportive work environment.