Darren Yaw’s Phnom Penh Webinar: Business Students from the Cambodia Capital Get Tips & Insight


As part of his mission to share as much of his experiences and knowledge as possible, Darren Yaw kicked off his Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar, a series of online dialogues with young entrepreneurs in the Cambodian capital. Streaming from his home base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar engaged with more than 100 management and finance students in Phnom Penh.

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar focused on inspiring students to achieve their financial goals by building a positive mindset that revolves around the art of business investment. To keep things interesting, the Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar was enhanced with videos ala a Ted Talk style format, showing key points of his life experiences.

Darren Yaw Phnom Penh Webinar Highlights

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar began with stories of his childhood hustle, demonstrating his early interest in business. He shared an inspirational story of when he was only seven years old living at home in Malaysia with no air-conditioning. He used to spot people all around the neighbourhood trying to cool themselves off. He thought to himself maybe he could sell them soft drinks, so he went around to a few small gas stations around and asked the owners if he can help them deliver soft drinks around his neighbourhood. Soon Darren Yaw was delivering soft drinks on his bicycle to everyone in his neighbourhood. In time he started delivering other necessities as well, such as milk and bread. He said that’s when he first felt the thrill of running your own business. Ever since then he was hooked on generating his own income.

Skip to Darren Yaw in Singapore as an older aspiring entrepreneur, where he told the story of how he started up with no capital. All he had was his hunger to hustle and his courage to take risks and enter new ventures. He recalled that he had to work with people who didn’t necessarily share the same life principles or views, and worked on jobs and tasks that didn’t fit with his passion and dreams. But he learned to see these as stepping stones, not obstacles. “It’s not about doing what you love, it’s about doing whatever it takes until you reach a point where you can finally start doing what you love,” he said.

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar then shifted the student’s perspective into understanding how we all have problems but that shouldn’t be an obstacle. “Everyone has problems! You’ve had problems all your life. It’s about time you realise problems are never going to go away. It’s something to simply live with, and to not let it stop you from chasing your goals. The world doesn’t belong to the pessimist!” he exclaimed.
He also discussed how important networking and constantly learning new skills to level up is essential to his success. He mentioned some of his tips on how every individual can gain the right skills in order to start taking control of their financial future by creating different streams of income.

Darren Yaw’s Phnom Penh webinar also highlighted the best ways to get a headstart is to start investing as early as possible. Investing early is one of the main keys in all investments, with the ultimate goal of generating income without having to rely on employment.

How Darren Yaw’s Wife Judie Inspired Him to Greater Heights

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar then proceeded to show that his wife Judie has been a major inspiration. He informed the students of his favourite piece of advice of hers. She once told him: “Surround yourself with people better than you, hire associates whose behaviour, skill and attitude is better than yours and you’ll level up in that direction.” He claimed that this one advice from her was a turning point in his life.

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar continued with him explaining that once he started applying it, he noticed a major change in himself. When he started associating himself with people who inspired him to be better and do better, his mindset changed for the better and expanded to new horizons. This pushed him and his work and business to new heights. “Find someone like my wife Judie Yaw who will push you, inspire you and will back you up no matter what. I guarantee you, your life will dramatically improve.”

Darren Yaw Phnom Penh Webinar Q&A Session Highlights

Darren spoke about how he enjoyed spending his spare time reading books about investments, studying and comparing different strategies. “My favourite activity was to study other people’s failures. It helped me know what exactly to avoid!” he said. “Learning from other people’s mistakes is essential. People usually underestimate how much they can learn from others,” Darren added.

He also noted how from his experience of meeting a number of different individuals all around the world, the one aspect he noticed that separates successful people from unsuccessful ones is that the truly successful ones say no to almost everything! “That’s because they are focused on their own personal journey. They don’t welcome distractions. They critically analyse each opportunity before investing. Successful people take chances but only smart studied chances. They are driven by thoughts not their personal emotions or people’s opinions,” he concluded.

Darren Yaw Phnom Penh Webinar Gets Positive Response

Some of the students who attended Darren Yaw’s motivational speech shared with us their testimonies. Many of them said that they learned something valuable and the experience exceeded their expectations. They appreciated that someone as successful in business was willing to share their time and knowledge with them, and how it fuelled them to strive harder in their studies.

Lee Chai Wei, 4th year business administration student
“I felt truly inspired after listening to Darren Yaw. I’m beyond grateful for attending this speech, the Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar is not just a great investor, he’s a natural speaker! He had my full undivided attention from the beginning to the end. All the advice he shared with us is highly valuable. I personally enjoyed how he shared personal stories with all of us. Totally unfiltered! In my opinion it takes a lot of courage and confidence to share aspects of your personal life. I admire his achievements. This talk is definitely one of the most memorable events in my student life. My perspective of finance and investment is completely altered for the better!”

Kumari Raj, 2nd year business administration student
“I’m deeply touched by this good natured, bright man! What an inspiration. He amazed me with the vast amount of experience he has acquired so far. He is wise and humble, someone whom we can all look up to! I related a lot with his childhood story as I sold comic books when I was in elementary school, and I too felt the thrill of generating your own income at such a young age,
and just like Darren Yaw I was completely hooked! Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar series was an inspiration.”

Karthik Patel, 3rd year accounting student
“This Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar was by far my favourite motivational talk. It was so interesting to listen to, I enjoyed every minute of it! has a lot of insights and we can all learn from his experiences. When he said, “My favourite activity was to study other people’s failures, it helped me know what exactly to avoid”, I resonated a lot with this, as I’ve always been the kind of person who listens to other people’s experiences so I can learn the lesson behind it. His whole speech was a powerful message for aspiring young entrepreneurs!”

Adam Lee, 1st year finance student
“Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar was honest, motivating and entertaining. He was very engaging, sharing many brilliant stories. I personally was so amazed by his speaking skills! His stage presence is powerful and energetic. A common point made in all his stories was that resilience and consistency is the key to success. It was an honour to attend and to listen to, and to absorb all that knowledge he shared!

Muhamad Rosli, 4th year finance student
“Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar is one of the best access to an investor’s mindset. It was a great opportunity and pleasure to join this webinar! I want to tell all my friends and family members about all the great insight I got from it. Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar is a valuable experience. Darren is someone who wants to make a difference in this world. He is very kind to share his stories, his advice and his knowledge in this Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar. He was entertaining too, and I enjoyed every minute of his talk.”

Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar series to business and finance majors left a huge impact on all the students. Positive feedback from a number of the students showed that the students left the experience full of ambition to succeed in their studies and beyond. A number of them said they were also inspired to start investing.

Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar series plays an important role in a student’s future. Having real life examples and tips shared with them from successful investors can inspire and help them believe in themselves and give them the courage they need to dream further and expand their goals.

As someone who values giving back to the community around him and empowering the youth, Darren genuinely enjoys giving motivational speeches to youth. He says, “I love to share my personal experiences with youth through the Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar, as they are always so eager to learn! I hope I can motivate more youngsters out there to dare to believe in themselves, dream big and to continue to chase their dreams no matter what obstacles they encounter in life!”

The Darren Yaw Phnom Penh webinar is scheduled to continue with a second talk in September. Visit this website for more updates.

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