How I Made My First Million: Darren Yaw Releases New E-book

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As one of the most established business moguls in Malaysia, Darren Yaw’s success of the Darway Corporation paved the way for its launch in both Singapore and Cambodia. Despite making his first million, there are other things that come with success. Darren Yaw’s new release is an e-book that gives advice on how to navigate these issues. How I Made My First Million by Darren Yaw was released to some acclaim by business insiders and friends. Below is an excerpt of the book to give you a little taste of Darren Yaw’s release. In the book, Darren Yaw releases a lot of personal details about his life, how he met his wife Judie, and the impact she had on his future success. Also in the book, Darren Yaw releases advice on how to navigate the pitfalls of success, like how to avoid pride and hubris. The book also details a section on helpful tips for how to relieve stress and anxiety in chapters called “Darren Yaw’s Stress Release Methods” that he hopes will be useful for busy entrepreneurs. Before the release, Darren Yaw said he was working hard on making sure the book was relevant and yet personal. Here on the Darren Yaw official website, he unveils a sneak peak of the new release entitled How I Made My First Million. Read on!

“It can be easy to get carried away once you make your first million. I remember the first time I first discovered I made that kind of money. I was in disbelief just because of all the struggle I had been through. When you first decide to launch a business idea, the risk factor is extremely high. Why? This is because you have no idea as to whether your business will be successful or not and even though you may have studied the market in detail or have enough capital to proceed, the changing times of today cannot guarantee otherwise.

We live in a digital age where times are evolving every second of every minute. Therefore, being business oriented means keeping up with the latest news of the modern world. My team at Darway Corp always keeps me abreast with the latest news regarding my other businesses.

Being successful has its own perks and hardships and that is why I like to call it a secret society. When I first began the Darway Corporation in Malaysia, I would read a lot of books based on success and follow up on other business moguls to get motivated in order to reach their levels of success. From an outsider looking in at the time, my current success story was nothing but a dream. I observed rich and successful people thinking they had it easier. Little did I know that acquiring a certain kind of wealth and success only calls for more responsibility. When the Darway Corporation Malaysia hit its target of one million, I must say I was proud. Here I was, new to the business world and yet I had just hit my target quicker than I had expected to.

My wife Judie Yaw and I always believed that my corporation would be successful and getting that money was confirmation that we could do better. We had always dreamed of “Darren Yaw: Success Story”. However, one thing you have to realise about success is that not everyone will be in your corner and be happy for you. The minute you begin to make a certain kind of income, you welcome all kinds of people into your life.

So making my first million was a happiness I had never known until I now encountered the troubles that came with climbing up the ladder of success. Many people wanted to get close to me including family and friends just for their own benefit. I recall scenarios when people I considered close friends would start up rumours and do anything to tarnish and jeopardize my brand and who I am as a person. There were many people who said or did things just to be associated with Darren Yaw, successful millionaire. But did they actually care about Darren Yaw, the real person behind the money?

Judie and I were in shock because here we were celebrating a large milestone in our lives and just a few weeks later, all this trouble came right after. What am I trying to say? That as much as I was happy about making my first million from Darway Corporation Malaysia, I underestimated what would come after. When creating our goals and establishing new businesses, many of us are always focused on the positive and enjoying the fruits of our labour. When I would read or watch interviews of successful entrepreneurs, rarely did anyone ever mention that it would get lonely at the top.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because as you grow and your business grows, you tend to remove your rose coloured glasses and see people for who they truly are. I like to call the successful world a secret society because only the rich and successful people know what they go through despite having all that money yet from an outside perspective, one can only see the luxurious perks and hope to be a part of that world.”


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“Darway Corporation in Malaysia literally paved the way to success in the corporations and business connections I as Darren Yaw made in both Singapore and Cambodia. Making your first million can be a sense of great achievement because not many businesses or corporations succeed in doing this. Let’s be real, one million is quite a lot of money especially in the Malaysian currency and also if you are a Malaysian citizen who has never laid their hands on
such a great amount of money. You tend to appreciate your hard earned money more because only you know the amount of hard work that has gone into building a strong foundation that catalyses the success of your business. If one comes from a humble background, it is also easy for them to get carried away by pride once they start making a certain amount of money.

As much as my wife Judie Yaw and I were proud of the success of our corporation in Malaysia, we knew that we wanted to grow our wealth and that is how the Darway Corporation in Singapore and Cambodia came about. If I let my pride get the best of me, I would never have reached the level of success I have attained now let alone build so many great business connections and allies. It is very important to note that your first million only seems much because it is your first.

What am I trying to say? It can be very fleeting. If one allows pride to rear its head, it is easy for you to spend your first money on useless things thinking that it is a lump sum, and it will not come to an end when the reality is, it can go down the drain in a matter of seconds. I have had young people who come to me because they see me as Darren Yaw, mentor. I’ve seen that once they touch that kind of money, they tend to now focus on the worldly things such as partying, travelling and living a lavish lifestyle, one they cannot continue to sustain.


“Many ask me, “Darren, how do you remain proud of yourself and still be level headed and humble?” The key is by focusing on your goals and using your first million to catapult new and innovative ideas that can multiply your newfound wealth. Think about it, what is the point of spending all the money you first acquire on a lavish lifestyle if you cannot keep funding the lifestyle once your money goes down the drain? It is easy to get carried away but sacrifice is key.

When it comes to success, are you looking at the short term or long term benefits? Would you like to enjoy your first profits and go back to the struggle all over again or make a sacrifice to grow your business and reap the benefits later? I kept a list of goals on a list and I called it “Darren Yaw’s Life Goals” which helped keep my pride in check. We have to remember that even if we do decide to spend our first huge earnings from our business and backtrack by starting anew to make the same money, chances of making that kind of money again will not be guaranteed and may be harder.

Why? It gets harder because even though you may have studied the market already and are familiar with what your consumers want, the age we live in is a digital wave that moves and evolves at a very fast pace therefore making it easier to use your first million as a catalyst to better opportunities than spending it on a lifestyle you have craved your entire life that will only be short lived. I also had dreams of doing things I had never done before and buying items I had never owned but luckily my wife Judie, was my anchor in staying level headed.”

We hope you enjoyed reading an excerpt of Darren Yaw’s newly released e-book. Darren Yaw’s new release is called How I Made My First Million. Look out for Darren Yaw’s release on bookshelves soon at bookstores near you. Keep coming back to the website to stay tuned for more latest news on Darren Yaw future releases.

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